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derailleur hangers

Derailleur hangers change from year to year and sometimes even within a model year.  While our descriptions and compatibility charts are as up to date as possible,   please use the picture to match your old hanger to the new one.   We often see the best success in matching compatibility by opening our picture on a mobile device and placing the old hanger on top of the picture for comparison.

BEST WAY TO FIND THE RIGHT HANGER:  The easiest way to find the right hanger is simply to search your bike model in the search bar above.  For example if you are looking for a derailleur hanger for a Trek Domane,   simply search "Domane" in the search bar.  I list of hangers that have been used on Domane bikes over the years will show up.  If you don't see the one you are looking for, widen your search by searching the manufacturer in this case "Trek".  This will show you a list of hanger that your manufacturer uses even if we have not linked that particular model to the hanger.

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